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spring herb classesWe offer many in-house classes, ranging from 2 hour workshops to year-long programs. Below is a general list of our offerings, as well as our offerings for the season. Classes are held at Green Path Herb School at 180 S 3rd St W above Meadowsweet Herbs.

  • Green Pharmacy Medicine Making Workshops
  •  Herbal Foundations Training Certificate Program
  • Natural Healing Retreats and Workshops
  • Herbal Therapies for Women
  • Wildcrafting Filedtrips
  • Natural Family Planning: Natural Birth Control
  • Guest Teacher Workshops
  • 450+ hour Professional Herbalist Training Certificate Program
  • Clinical Herbalist Certificate Program

 We highly recommend preregistration for all classes. Classes are located in Missoula, at 180 S 3rd St W above Meadowsweet Herbs.

Spring 2017 Class Offerings:

Divine Feminine Self Care

Join herbalist and holistic esthetician Anna Rummel Tenenbaum to explore the richness of botanical beauty rituals.  Anna will be discussing herbs and recipes for the whole body & self, including skin, face, hair, hands & feet, legs & arms, belly, breasts & yoni. Get ready to explore radical self care & whole body nourishment as we incorporate the use of color, herbs, aroma and visualization in our daily beauty rituals. We will visit topics including the elements, sacred baths & steams, infused botanical beauty oils, earthy masks and more. Join us to explore the honoring of your own divine feminine through self care.

Saturday April 1 • 1-4pm • $40, including a bath to take home


Wild Foods: Getting Wild!

Did you know that there is a bounty of free, healthy food that surrounds you in Montana? Join herbalist and wild food enthusiast Shawna Paoli for an informative evening of local, wild food education, discussion and recipe swapping. Meet other wild foodies and bring your friends! We’re going to get wild!

Wednesday April 5 • 6-8pm • $20


Tree Medicine

Trees provide food & shelter, absorb carbon dioxide and generously give us oxygen. But did you know that there are many trees that can also be used as herbal medicines? Let’s explore some of our most wonderful native and cultivated tree medicines around the Missoula area! Come prepared for a slideshow, discussion and a gentle walk to meet some trees in our area. Let’s celebrate Earth Day by honoring the trees!

Saturday April 22 • 1-4pm • $30


Celebrating First Menstruation

For women of all ages, but particularly girls, teens and the women that love them. Join herbalist Elaine Sheff to develop a “users manual” for our bodies and a deep appreciation for menstruation and all it has to offer. We will discuss healthy habits and herbal supports and make a healing altar during the class. Each girl will receive a packet of information, herbal recipes and a special gift. Please note that all girls under 14 must be accompanied by a woman and we highly recommend that all girls are accompanied. This is a wonderful class to share and encourages later discussion. It is never too late to honor your sacred feminine!

Saturday May 6 • 1-4pm • $30 per person or $50 for a woman & girl team

One person ($30):

Woman & Girl team ($50):


Wild Medicine: Folk Herbalism in Montana

Presented by herbalist, Justene Sweet of Wild Iris Herbs. This class is for those interested in getting to know some medicinal plants that grow in and around Missoula. We will discuss how to identify these plants, the best places to find them and traditional uses. Other topics we will touch on include ethical wildcrafting and the basics of folk medicine making.

Saturday May 20th • 1:00-3:30 • $25


Designing Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden

Learn which medicinal plants are easy to grow in our area, along with common medicinal uses. Join Herbalist Kelly Needs to use Permaculture principles to design your herbal garden, and take a short walk to ID medicinal plants. Notes and notebook provided.

Saturday May 27 • 1-4pm • $35


Herbal First Aid: Plasters, Poultices and Moxa

Join herbalist Kelly Needs to learn how to prepare, and apply basic injury first aid and trauma mitigation plasters and poultices, and the proper use of Moxa, all easy methods to use for injuries. Scenarios will be practiced at the end of class, including multiple hands on projects.  Attendees have an option to create their own herbal first aid kit to take home for an extra $20.

Saturday June 3 • 1-4:30pm • $35.00, take home your own herbal first aid kit for an extra $20

Class ($35):

First Aid Kit ($20):


Cancellation Policy: We will gladly give refunds up until the day before an individual class or if the class is part of a series, the day before the first class of the series.

14 Comments on “Community Classes

  1. Hello – I cannot attend this weekend, but would love to join one of your workshops in the future. thank you. Katie

    • Hi Edna, We only do our larger programs in the early part of the year. You can find those classes under their own headings: School and Herbal Foundations. We teach the smaller classes every fall. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Where are the classes held? I do not see the location listed anywhere on this page or in the email I received after signup. Thanks!

    • Rebecca,
      The Missoula classes are held at our school at 180 S 3rd St W, above Meadowsweet Herbs.

      • I figured the classes were probably at Meadowsweet, but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

        • Yep, Rebecca, except is is upstairs from Meadowsweet. Go to the door to the left of their door. 🙂

    • We don’t have summer community classes at this time. Thanks for checking in!

  3. Hello there! Is there any classes planned for Fall/Winter 2016? I’d like to take some. I’m also interested in the 450 hour certification class as well. Thank you!

    • Hi Kristina, Our fall classes will be coming up soon and they will be listed on our website under “Community Classes”. You can also get the info by signing up for our email newsletter. Hope to see you there! Elaine

  4. Elaine,
    Is there any way to receive the “celebrating your first menstruation” in digital format? We live in Colorado and my daughter is 12 with many friends starting their cycles I’m sensing she’s not far behind. I attended a class of yours at the Montana Herb Gathering two years ago and just love your style of instruction. There’s not enough of this information out there for young girls and she just love the healing properties of plants.

    • Hi Ava,
      Thanks for your kind words! I agree, there isn’t enough of this information out there. I’m sorry, at this time there isn’t a recording of this class. I will also be teaching it at the Pacific Women’s Herb Conference outside Seattle in September (don’t know if that is a possibility for the two of you, but wouldn’t that be cool?!). If they tape it, I’ll let you know as well! Warmly, Elaine

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