Community Classes

We offer many in-house classes, ranging from 2 hour workshops to year-long programs. Below is a general list of our offerings, as well as our offerings for the season. Classes are held at Green Path Herb School at 180 S 3rd St W above Meadowsweet Herbs.

2019 Spring Class Series:

Aromatherapy 101:

Join herbalist Sarah Holden to discuss aromatherapy, its history, and development and what the industry looks like today. Learn about 10 useful essential oils, from frankincense to clary sage, including methods of application and safe use. Discuss how essential oils interact on physical and emotional levels and how they can support your limbic system, immune system, lymphatic system, and skin. We will have some fun with chemistry and learn about some of the major constituents!

Thursday March 14, 6-8pm, $10 pays for an aromatherapy blend to take home.

Flower Essences: Flower Power for the Soul

Are you curious about how plants can help improve our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being? During this introductory class with Judith Poelarends, from Alaskan Essences, you will learn what flowers essences are and how useful they can be when approaching your well-being in a holistic way. Flower essences (not essential oils!) are vibrational / energetic remedies that help us transform limiting thoughts and behaviors and find better feeling emotions! Working with flower essences is very insightful and gives us a better understanding of ourselves and our lives, helping us become and remember who we really are. Every flower has its own healing quality. In this class you’ll experience which flowers you’re attracted to and what they teach you. Each student will go home with a blend of essences that is perfect for them and their journey at this moment in time.

Saturday March 30, 10am-1pm, $25

CBD 101

By now we have all heard about the wonders of CBD. But there is so much on the market to choose from and what does it really do? Join herbalist Katrina Farnum to discuss an overview of CBD (cannabidiol), various ways it is being used, reported therapeutic uses and things to watch out for as a consumer.

Wednesday April 3, 6-7:30, $18

Natural Birth Control: Fertility Awareness

Join certified Fertility Awareness instructor Elaine Sheff to learn how to avoid pregnancy naturally, or achieve it! The Fertility Awareness Method uses a woman’s natural fertility signs such as cervical fluid and basal body temperature to accurately determine when she can and cannot become pregnant. This method is as accurate as the birth control pill. All are welcome and encouraged to come. Find out more here.

Saturday April 6, 10 am-4 pm

$95 for 1 person:

$165 for a couple:

Blending 101: The Art of Pairing Essential Oils Drop by Drop

In this class herbalist Sarah Holden will discuss fragrance perception, identifying aromatic notes and blending for aromatic or therapeutic topical benefit!  We will dive a bit deeper and experience florals, trees, grasses, spices, and citrus’.  Explore carrier oils, and supplies you will need.  Learn some basic blends and easy to make and incorporate into your everyday routine!

Thursday April 18, 6-8pm, $10 pays for an aromatherapy blend to take home

Grow Your Own: Cultivating & Using Medicinal Plants at Home

Are you ready for spring? Come learn about a handful of easy to grow medicinal herbs, their uses, and ways to prepare them with herbalist Angi Hronek. You will walk away with a little medicinal plant of your own and lots of information!

Thursday April 25, 6-7:30, $18

Essential Oil Formulating 101

Join herbalist Sarah Holden to learn how to find the perfect balance in creating and choosing the right ratios for your essential oil blends. You’ll create a diffuser recipe book and make your own personal aromatherapy blend!

Thursday May 16, 6-8pm, $10 pays for an aromatherapy blend to take home

Cycle Tracking & Herbs for Menstrual Health

This class discusses the fertility cycle of the anatomical female and common conditions related to menstruation. Topics include, PMS, irregular periods, endometriosis, fibroids, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), along with herbal allies that can help with these conditions. In this class herbalist Justene Stewart will discuss how tracking one’s fertility cycle can not only being an empowering practice, but also an excellent tool for spotting irregularities in the cycle. If you’re interested in embracing your body’s natural rhythms and herbs that can assist, this class is for you.

Thursday May 30, 6-7:30, FREE. Please preregister, as space is limited. Call 406-274-2009.

We highly recommend preregistration for all classes. Classes are located in Missoula, at 180 S 3rd St W above Meadowsweet Herbs.

Cancellation Policy: We will gladly give refunds up until the day before an individual class or if the class is part of a series, the day before the first class of the series.

A smattering of classes generally offered at Green Path include:

  • Green Pharmacy Medicine Making Workshops
  •  Herbal Foundations Training Certificate Program
  • Natural Healing Retreats and Workshops
  • Herbal Therapies for Women
  • Wildcrafting Filedtrips
  • Natural Family Planning: Natural Birth Control
  • Guest Teacher Workshops
  • 450+ hour Professional Herbalist Training Certificate Program
  • Clinical Herbalist Certificate Program

19 Comments on “Community Classes

  1. Hello – I cannot attend this weekend, but would love to join one of your workshops in the future. thank you. Katie

    • Hi Edna, We only do our larger programs in the early part of the year. You can find those classes under their own headings: School and Herbal Foundations. We teach the smaller classes every fall. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Where are the classes held? I do not see the location listed anywhere on this page or in the email I received after signup. Thanks!

    • Rebecca,
      The Missoula classes are held at our school at 180 S 3rd St W, above Meadowsweet Herbs.

      • I figured the classes were probably at Meadowsweet, but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

        • Yep, Rebecca, except is is upstairs from Meadowsweet. Go to the door to the left of their door. 🙂

    • We don’t have summer community classes at this time. Thanks for checking in!

  3. Hello there! Is there any classes planned for Fall/Winter 2016? I’d like to take some. I’m also interested in the 450 hour certification class as well. Thank you!

    • Hi Kristina, Our fall classes will be coming up soon and they will be listed on our website under “Community Classes”. You can also get the info by signing up for our email newsletter. Hope to see you there! Elaine

  4. Elaine,
    Is there any way to receive the “celebrating your first menstruation” in digital format? We live in Colorado and my daughter is 12 with many friends starting their cycles I’m sensing she’s not far behind. I attended a class of yours at the Montana Herb Gathering two years ago and just love your style of instruction. There’s not enough of this information out there for young girls and she just love the healing properties of plants.

    • Hi Ava,
      Thanks for your kind words! I agree, there isn’t enough of this information out there. I’m sorry, at this time there isn’t a recording of this class. I will also be teaching it at the Pacific Women’s Herb Conference outside Seattle in September (don’t know if that is a possibility for the two of you, but wouldn’t that be cool?!). If they tape it, I’ll let you know as well! Warmly, Elaine

  5. Hi Elaine,
    Your school looks fantastic. I would love to start learning more. Unfortunately, I don’t live close enough to take all of the classes I would like. Are you doing video’s of your classes or will you be offering that in the future?

    • Hi Wendy,
      At this time we don’t tape our classes, but we are working on getting that up and running. Stay tuned!

  6. I wish I could attend some of these events. Accept I am getting ready to leave the country for Olive harvest; starting at the end of October. Sorry!

  7. Elaine, is there any chance any of these are available as an online course?

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