Clinical Program

elaine teachingThis 7-month intensive program is designed for the serious herb student who wants to develop their skills as a Professional Clinical Herbalist. We will cover advanced topics such as case studies and write ups, pathologies, client intakes, clinical forms and scope of practice, formulating, observational and lab reading skills, as well as round table clinical discussions. Each student will research and write a thesis. A significant amount of time will be devoted to study and preparation outside of class. Students should expect to have 4-6 hours of homework each week. If you want to join the American Herbalist Guild, these hours can be added to your supervision hours for professional membership.

Core Program:

  • Plant monographs based on research and experience
  • Case study examples, group intakes and individual client intakes and write ups
  • Round table discussions with students and one or more practitioners
  • Continued research into pathologies and disease states

Clinical Skills Development:

  • How to do a health history intake
  • Dietary and lifestyle evaluations
  • Formulating
  • Maintaining professional scope of practice, boundaries and confidentiality
  • Traditional hands-on observational skills
  • Listening and observation skills
  • Reading lab tests
  • Refinement of clinical forms for individual use

Total Certificate Hours:

  • Clinic review and round table: 36 hours
  • Case study review and write ups: 48 hours
  • Plant monograph research: 48 hours
  • Pathology research: 48 hours
  • Client intakes: 24 hours
  • Clinician skills development: 21 hours
  • Herbal Formulating: 9 hours
  • Thesis: 20 hours
  • Total: 254 hours


All students need to have graduated from a minimum 300-hour herbal education program or show similar training. Students are expected to know anatomy and physiology, medicine making skills, and have the knowledge of a good working materia medica. The Green Path Herb School first year program will go beyond meeting all of these criteria. There is an entrance exam for all students applying to the program.

Program Cost: $950. Payment plans are available.

To Register:

There is no deadline for application, however applications are considered upon their submission and we expect the program to fill. Note that a deposit is required along with the application to secure an interview, so please call or e-mail with any questions or concerns before applying.

There is a $200 application deposit fee necessary for acceptance into the program. It is non-refundable and will be applied towards tuition upon acceptance to the program. The deposit is refunded in full if the student is not accepted into the program. We accept cash, check, or credit card. The remaining tuition of $750 is due by September 1st. Payment plans are available and an additional $100 administrative fee is charged up front.

Please include in your budget a minimum of $500 for tools, books, herbs, medicine making supplies, and travel expenses.

To Apply:

Refund Policy:

  1. The $200 deposit is non-refundable upon acceptance into the program.
  2. A full refund of tuition (less the $200.00 deposit) will be paid to the student if she/he withdraws (in writing) before the first day of class.
  3. If a student cancels after the classes have begun, a calculation of all allowable charges shall be made using the date that we received written notification of termination.
  4. If a student withdraws from any program, a refund calculation will applied based on the following:
    less than 10% of course completed = 75% refund
    more than 10 % and less than 25% of course completed = 50% refund
    more than 25% and less than 50% of course completed = 25% refund
    over 50% of course completed = 0% refund