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I’m very close to releasing my long-awaited book Naked: Botanical Recipes for Vibrant Skin and Healthy Hair. This book is a compilation of years of research and recipes. It includes bountiful information about how to make natural body care products for the body, face, hair and bath.

I’ll be releasing it in early February.

HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I finalize everything, I need to make sure I have everything covered.

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey. Thanks so much for your help!

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11 Comments on “Help with my new book

  1. Elaine! I’m very excited for your new book! You never cease to amaze! I’m so grateful you are sharing your wisdom with the world! You are an inspiration! I miss you and love you!!!-cindi

  2. Your gifts of wisdom are so greatly appreciated……I am extremely excited for your new book!

  3. I am super excited about your new book and hope it comes out in hard copy as well as a Kindle digital version.. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with the world.

    • Rebecca, there will be both a Kindle version and a hard copy version. Thanks so much for your kind words! Elaine

  4. Herbs are nature’s gifts, and Elaine helps you understand how they benefit your health.

    Carol Ellis, MD

  5. Have been a customer of Meadowsweet for at least 10 years but now live in Italy. Will this be available in electronic version? Please let the mailing list know when it’s available. Very exciting!

    • Hi Kirt, Although we don’t own Meadowsweet Herbs anymore, that was the birth place of many of the recipes in my book Naked. It will be available both in print and as an electronic book. We’ll keep you posted through the Green Path Herb School newsletter! Stay tuned…

  6. Its good to mix your own,using kinesiology to test what the body needs and is safe for the body without any interactions with anything else.

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