Herbs for Resilience

Herbs for anxiety, stress and PTSD.

Antiviral and Immune Support Herbs

Common herbs, essential oils and easy recipes you can use to support your immune system and fight viral infections.

Herbs for Infertility

Herbs and natural remedies for infertility and to support a healthy pregnancy.

Treating Menopause Naturally

There is no more creative force in the world than the menopausal woman with zest. –Margaret Mead Menopause is defined as the gradual change of hormone production leading to the cessation of ovulation and menstruation.  Women officially…

Herbs to Heal the Skin

It’s important to work both internally and externally when you want to heal the skin. Here is an herbal apothecary to help keep the skin healthy and vibrant.

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is a staple for many households during the cold and flu season. It’s easy to understand why when we look at the medicinal properties of this beautiful shrub. This is the best elderberry syrup recipe I’ve ever made!

Eight Best Essential Oils for First Aid

A detailed discussion of the 8 best essential oils for first aid, including recipes.

Winter Medicinal Tree & Shrub ID

Learn how to identify medicinal trees and shrubs in the fall, winter and spring.

Making Floral Oxymels

Over the last few years, oxymels have been gaining popularity in the west, both as herbal remedies and as cocktail ingredients. Over the last three years, I have been making lots of oxymels, mostly with flowers. There is something about the aroma and visual appeal of floral oxymels that is sumptuously appealing!

Herbs for Digestive Health

Healing the Gut A 2013 survey suggested that 72 percent of Americans live with digestive symptoms such as reoccurring diarrhea, gas, bloating, frequent bowel movements and abdominal pain.1 Disturbingly, many of these symptoms are indicative of…