Community Classes

We offer many in-house classes, ranging from 2 hour workshops to year-long programs. Below is a general list of our offerings, as well as our offerings for the season. Classes are held at Green Path Herb School at 180 S 3rd St W above Meadowsweet Herbs.

2019 Fall Classes:

Yes And!

We tend to lean on our comforts but when they keep us from awe and wonder they are hardly comforts. In this inspiring class we will be learning about herbs and modalities that help our bodies adapt to stress. We will move into interacting with each other in a playful setting using the tools of improv and then go inward to sit quietly with ourselves to listen to what is going on and become aware of our subconscious thoughts, feelings and patterns. Please wear comfortable clothing and be open and willing to move out of your comfort zone. Leave your stress behind and start living your dreams!

Thursday, October 10 • 6-8:30pm • $25*

Herbs and Oils for Sleep

This class will give you a better understanding of herbs and essential oils that can help support sleep! Herbalist Sarah Holden will share tips and tricks for building a better sleep regime using natural tools. Take home a sleep rollerblend that you make in class.

Tuesday October 15, 6-7:30pm • $10*

Creative Cookery with Herbs and Spices

For centuries, herbs have been used in cooking to help us digest our food, preserve our food longer, ward off sickness, or offer key nutrients and minerals. This class delves into the magic of everyday herbs and spices found in your kitchen, plus highlights some less commonly used herbs to cook with for overall health and well-being. Get started on your herbal journey by learning how and why to use certain herbs with some simple, delicious recipes. This class will have samples of fun recipes to try! Bring your own cup for sampling.

Thursday, October 24 • 6-7:30pm • $15*

Natural Remedies for Pain

Pain. We all have it! Herbs and terpenes (a component in herbs and essential oils) when used together can create amazing results in your body! In this class you’ll learn how to go from masking your pain with OTC drugs to creating foundational wellness that will help lessen and even eliminate pain and inflammation! We will discuss herbs, essential oils, CBD, and terpenes. All students get to take home a pain roller!

Tuesday, November 5 • 6-7:30pm • $10*

Herbs for your Last Nerve

Join herbalist and Green Path Herb School Co-Director, John Goicovich for this free introduction to the nuanced category of nervines. We will discuss the basic protocols for dealing with stress and learn how to start choosing particular herbs based on a plant’s primary and secondary medicinal effects.

Thursday, November 7 • 6-7:30pm • FREE!
Preregistration is necessary! Call 406-274-2009

The Menstrual Map

Join herbalist and Green Path Herb School Co-Director, Elaine Sheff to learn more about using herbs for the female reproductive system. Take home her 1 page graph, the Menstrual Map, showing the female cycle and which herbs to use for different issues including menstruation, PMS, reproductive tonics, hormone balancers, phytoestrogens, progesterone supporting herbs and more!

Tuesday, November 12 • 6-7:30pm • FREE!
Preregistration is necessary! Call 406-274-2009

Yoga & Herbs for Immune Support

Want to feel better and improve your health naturally? Join Herbalist and yoga instructor Andrea Buchanan for a fun and hands-on class for better health! We will address immune system issues and learn how yoga, breath work, and herbs can make a helpful difference. After an hour of all-levels yoga practice specially prepared to help with immune function, we will have a mini, 30-minute herbal workshop to learn what herbs best support immune function, and create an herbal tea to take home (no extra charge). Please bring a yoga mat if you have one. Extras will be available.

Tuesday, November 19 • 6-8pm • $25*

Medicinal Mushrooms: Healing Properties & Cultivation Techniques

Join Melissa Pernell for an overview of folk and scientific information on medicinal mushrooms. She will focus on turkey tail, including biochemical mechanisms of medicinal mushroom healing properties, cultivations techniques (including a log inoculation demonstration), wild spawn hunting tips, and medicine making techniques for polypores.

Saturday, November 23 • 1-4pm • $35*

*Please note: due to the fees charged by these companies, all credit card and Paypal transactions are charged a non-refundable (approximate 3%) transaction fee. You are also welcome to mail a check or money order to Green Path Herb School at PO Box 7813, Missoula, MT 59807.

Please pre-register, as space is limited. Call 406-274-2009 or use the payment buttons above.

We highly recommend preregistration for all classes. Classes are located in Missoula, at 180 S 3rd St W above Meadowsweet Herbs.

Cancellation Policy: We will gladly give refunds up until the day before an individual class or if the class is part of a series, the day before the first class of the series.

A smattering of classes generally offered at Green Path include:

  • Green Pharmacy Medicine Making Workshops
  •  Herbal Foundations Training Certificate Program
  • Natural Healing Retreats and Workshops
  • Herbal Therapies for Women
  • Wildcrafting Filedtrips
  • Natural Family Planning: Natural Birth Control
  • Guest Teacher Workshops
  • 450+ hour Professional Herbalist Training Certificate Program
  • Clinical Herbalist Certificate Program

21 Comments on “Community Classes

  1. Hello – I cannot attend this weekend, but would love to join one of your workshops in the future. thank you. Katie

    • Hi Edna, We only do our larger programs in the early part of the year. You can find those classes under their own headings: School and Herbal Foundations. We teach the smaller classes every fall. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Where are the classes held? I do not see the location listed anywhere on this page or in the email I received after signup. Thanks!

    • Rebecca,
      The Missoula classes are held at our school at 180 S 3rd St W, above Meadowsweet Herbs.

      • I figured the classes were probably at Meadowsweet, but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

        • Yep, Rebecca, except is is upstairs from Meadowsweet. Go to the door to the left of their door. 🙂

    • We don’t have summer community classes at this time. Thanks for checking in!

  3. Hello there! Is there any classes planned for Fall/Winter 2016? I’d like to take some. I’m also interested in the 450 hour certification class as well. Thank you!

    • Hi Kristina, Our fall classes will be coming up soon and they will be listed on our website under “Community Classes”. You can also get the info by signing up for our email newsletter. Hope to see you there! Elaine

  4. Elaine,
    Is there any way to receive the “celebrating your first menstruation” in digital format? We live in Colorado and my daughter is 12 with many friends starting their cycles I’m sensing she’s not far behind. I attended a class of yours at the Montana Herb Gathering two years ago and just love your style of instruction. There’s not enough of this information out there for young girls and she just love the healing properties of plants.

    • Hi Ava,
      Thanks for your kind words! I agree, there isn’t enough of this information out there. I’m sorry, at this time there isn’t a recording of this class. I will also be teaching it at the Pacific Women’s Herb Conference outside Seattle in September (don’t know if that is a possibility for the two of you, but wouldn’t that be cool?!). If they tape it, I’ll let you know as well! Warmly, Elaine

  5. Hi Elaine,
    Your school looks fantastic. I would love to start learning more. Unfortunately, I don’t live close enough to take all of the classes I would like. Are you doing video’s of your classes or will you be offering that in the future?

    • Hi Wendy,
      At this time we don’t tape our classes, but we are working on getting that up and running. Stay tuned!

  6. I wish I could attend some of these events. Accept I am getting ready to leave the country for Olive harvest; starting at the end of October. Sorry!

  7. Elaine, is there any chance any of these are available as an online course?

  8. I was wondering if you offer any instructional classes on how to make essential oils from start to finish? I would like to make my own oils and need to know what kind of equipment I will need and what the process entails.

    • Hi Joe,
      We aren’t currently offering any classes on this, but I’d recommend signing up to our email newsletter to find out about current class offerings. They change often. Thanks!

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