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What would happen if you
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Naked: Botanical Recipes for Vibrant Skin and Healthy Hair

Naked: Botanical Recipes for Vibrant Skin and Healthy Hair by Clinical Herbalist Elaine Sheff includes bountiful information about how to make natural body care products for the body, face, hair and bath. This book is packed with information including charts, pictures and tips for making your own natural recipes. Over 100 ingredients are discussed including herbs, clays, natural colorants, essential oils, natural salts, fixed oils, natural preservatives, butters and natural thickeners. Naked has over 50 recipes that give the reader clear and precise instructions on how to make their own body care products. Explore healthy recipes for the face, skin and hair including lotion, Vitamin C serum, cleansers, body butters, bug repellant, body powder, face toner, bath salts, lip balms, natural lice treatments and much more. These helpful recipes will keep your skin and hair looking and feeling its best, without compromising your health or the health of our beautiful planet. Elaine also gives the reader enough information to get creative and venture out on their own to make their own unique recipes if desired.

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The author of five books on herbal medicine and healing, clinical herbalist Elaine Sheff has been passionate about sharing herbal knowledge for over 25 years. She is the Co-Director of Green Path Herb School, where she strives to inspire and empower students and clients to remember their connection to the earth, the plants and their own healing process. As a certified Instructor of the Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness Methods, Elaine has helped many couples to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally. An artist and writer, Elaine has written numerous articles about her family’s journey with epilepsy and a special needs child. You can often find her marveling at small flowers in mountain meadows with her husband and sons, or bent over an herb in her garden.
Take a look at what’s inside Naked:
  • Over 50 natural skin care recipes for the face, body and hair
  • Details on over 100 ingredients including herbs, essential oils, preservatives, clays and more
  • Clear, concise and easy to follow directions for each recipe
  • Natural recipes that are safe, effective and inexpensive to make
  • Healthy recipes including lotions, body bars, serums, cleansers, toners and bath salts
  • Charts, pictures and tips on making your own recipes

“Naked is an inspiration and beautifully photographed guide to creating healing spa recipes and remedies with the beauty and bounty of nature.”
Brigitte Mars
Author of Beauty by Nature, The Country Almanac of Home Remedies and Rawsome
“There are many reasons to recommend this book. Elaine has a very loving touch, with her words of inspiration sprinkled everywhere in the book. She delves into the scientific facts, but always brings you back to real beauty, that which comes from within. The photographs of flowers and herbs are so beautiful they motivate you to try out her many recipes, which are so carefully laid out that they are easy to follow. The closing messages in themselves make it worthwhile to buy this book!” ~ Susan Schott

“A comprehensive selection of skin care ingredients and formulas that anyone can use; the sequence of information is clear and systematic–a must for makers of quality home skin care. “
Jeanne Rose
Author of the best selling books Jeanne Rose Herbal Body Book and The Aromatherapy Book
“I have tried ‘many’ facial products with increasingly large price tags and larger claims of being grown by the phases of the moon, natural, organic and oh so much more… none of these however, touch the quality and degree of satisfaction that Elaine’s recipes offer.” ~ Jeanette Williams
“Your book is wonderful Elaine!! So well done, beautiful, organized & easy to read. Thank you for writing it!” ~ Michelle Coburn
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