Natural Remedies for the Fall-Elaine’s new book

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Elaine’s new book is now available.

Natural Remedies for the Fall: Preparing for the Cold and Flu Season is a 56 page book filled with information on using herbs, essential oils and nutrients to help you prepare for the cold and flu season – naturally! This eBook, written by herbalist Elaine Sheff, is full of information on natural remedies to enhance immune function, support the respiratory system, and fight off a cold or flu. Learn about proven antimicrobial and antiviral herbs and essential oils. The second half of the book is filled with simple recipes you can make at home. Use these formulas to stock your natural medicine chest with everything you and your family will need to stay healthy this fall and winter! If you don’t have a Kindle, it is easy to download a Kindle app on your smart phone or computer to read this eBook. You can click on the book to get it now.

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