Green Path Herb School Are you ready to follow the path less traveled? Are you interested in deepening your connection with plants and the earth? Join us on a journey of exploration of medicinal herbs and natural remedies! We offer classes online and in person.

Our Offerings Include: Natural health retreats, guest speaker workshops, wildcrafting trips, online herb certificate classes and programs, a school for training professional herbalists, herb books and lots of free herbal information!

2015 Enrollment: We are now accepting applications for 2015. There is no deadline for application, however applications are considered upon their submission and we expect the program to fill. Note that a deposit is required along with the application to secure an interview, so please call or e-mail with any questions or concerns before applying. Find out more by clicking on Classes, and get the applications here:

Herbal Foundations: HF Application Form

Green Path Herb School: GP Application Form

angelica bud3What students are saying:

You are such a “natural,” teacher and so WISE! Loved your class.–S.S.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. Your passion for what you do inspires your students to learn and expand their own knowledge of the natural world and how connected they can be with it. Your classes are clear and straightforward. I love all the plant wisdom. I go outside and all I see are medicinal plants! Thank you!

The things I learned while taking classes with the Green Path Herb School empower and inspire. I now feel equipped with information and awareness that will allow me to take medicine and healing into my own hands by working with the Earth’s provisions. -Michael Billington

There are some basic and fundamental things we can do to be healthy. Without these practices, I think it is hard to have adjunct therapies such as herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies or even pharmaceuticals work well. Bottom line, there is no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. I recommend the following lifestyle practices to all of my clients and students.

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